AgriLife Facilities Maintenance and Construction


Our Mission

Provide professional services to all our clients within the AgriLife system. We want every customer to be at ease  with renovations knowing that AgriLife Facilities  Management and Construction will manage your project  and control the budget to the best of our ability and to  represent you as our customer in any situation involving  Project Management, Design, Construction, Safety and  Maintenance.

Our Vision

Establish complete trust in representing our customers. Establish guidelines and procedures for renovations and  construction. Create a constant evolving list of maintenance  issues within our buildings and share those issues with  Administration, Department Heads and TAMU Facilities.  Develop a positive relationship with SSC Services and TAMU Facilities, so that our needs are addressed in a timely manner.  We want the employees of Texas A&M AgriLife to feel safe,  comfortable and proud of their facilities.


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Our Services


  • Renovation/Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Building information
    • building access
      • keyed
      • keyless
    • TAMU temperature
    • Pest Control
    • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Important Information
    • Parking
    • Bike rack
    • Service animals and pets in the building
    • Bulk disposal
    • Automated external defibrillators (AED)



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