Ethics & Compliance: Management Advisory Services

AboutTexas A&M AgriLife (AgriLife) is committed to upholding the highest standard of ethical conduct and compliance with the legal obligations of the AgriLife components. In support of these efforts, the AgriLife Ethics & Compliance Office has been established within AgriLife Administrative Services to provide risk and management advisory services, as well as to promote compliance with applicable federal, state, Texas A&M University System, and agency laws, policies, regulations, rules, and procedures.


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Management Advisory ServicesBecause Texas A&M AgriLife is committed to the promotion of good business practices, the AgriLife Ethics & Compliance Office provides management advisory services—with the purpose of providing departments and units with methods of improving performance and productivity through analyzing processes and workflows. Learn how we can assist you!

  • Analyze and stream–line processes and workflows
  • Balance of control and efficiency operations
  • Analyze and assist with aligning organizational structures
  • Assist with developing and implementing new processes and procedures
  • Promote good business practices
  • Provide advice to inquires of various topics
  • General training


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