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AboutTexas A&M AgriLife (AgriLife) is committed to upholding the highest standard of ethical conduct and compliance with the legal obligations of the AgriLife components. In support of these efforts, the AgriLife Contract Office has been established within AgriLife Administrative Services to provide advisory services, as well as to promote compliance with applicable federal, state, Texas A&M University System, and agency laws, policies, regulations, rules, and procedures.


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Maestro: https://maestro.tamus.edu

Maestro is a web browser-based application that consists of several modules. The system is designed to support researchers and research administration across The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS). The information in Maestro is based upon data feeds from the FAMIS and Enterprise Data Warehouse databases.

  • Maestro- User Access – Access the system by logging in to the Maestro homepage at https://maestro.tamus.edu with Single Sign-On (SSO) UIN and password.
  • User accounts are automatically setup for researchers once they are added to the financial account in FAMIS, a proposal in Maestro, or a project in Maestro.
  • Researcher Reviewers (business administrators, research administrators or other staff assisting researchers) must request an account at contracts@ag.tamu.edu

Key Components

  1. Researcher Dashboard – The Researcher Dashboard represents a doorway to information for research activities relevant to individual researchers.
  2. Proposal and Post-Award Management
    1. Proposal: Creation, routing, verification, validation, and submission of proposals electronically.
    2. Post-Award: Award acceptance, set-up, project administration, project compliance monitoring, project closeout.
  3. Research Finance – Research sponsor billing, receivable reconciliation, indirect cost calculation, payroll certification, and internal/external reporting. 
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