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AboutTexas A&M AgriLife (AgriLife) is committed to upholding the highest standard of ethical conduct and compliance with the legal obligations of the AgriLife components. In support of these efforts, the AgriLife Ethics & Compliance Office has been established within AgriLife Administrative Services to provide risk and management advisory services, as well as to promote compliance with applicable federal, state, Texas A&M University System, and agency laws, policies, regulations, rules, and procedures.


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International Travel

AgriLife PhotosAgriLife acknowledges the need for international travel by its employees to conduct official business and/or research. Because of the constant and evolving danger associated with international travel, awareness in this area of risk is imperative. In accordance with Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) Regulation 21.01.03, Disbursement of Funds, AgriLife is committed to both maintaining accountability and conserving public funds. All travel must be submitted and approved through e-Travel/Concur before travel commences.



Travel to Extreme Risk Countries
System Risk Management provides weekly notifications regarding international travel including lists of extreme risk countries and regions, as well as associated risk summaries. As these are received, AgriLife Risk and Compliance will distribute via Administrative Services e-News. If you intend to travel to these locations, you will need to complete and submit System Form International Travel Questionnaire for Extreme Risk Countries and AG-715, International Travel to Extreme Risk Areas Acknowledgment, to AgriLife Disbursements/Travel before travel is commenced. AgriLife Disbursements/Travel will coordinate with System Risk Management in obtaining the proper approvals.

  • System Form International Travel Questionnaire for Extreme Risk Countries
  • AG-715, International Travel to Extreme Risk Areas Acknowledgment
  • System International Travel Advisory List

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System Risk Management provides a short training video in relation to international travel via TrainTraq (course number 2111728). It is highly recommended that any employees traveling abroad take this training before doing so.

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Jennifer Green (; 979-314-3447)


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