Fiscal: Travel


AboutRent or reimburse? Choose the right transportation optionTravel is responsible for processing travel reimbursements to agency employees and payments to vendors for travel-related expenses. Payments must be processed in a manner that is consistent with all laws, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of the State of Texas and Texas A&M AgriLife. We provide customer service to employees, department/unit business office staff and others that call to inquire on travel-related issues, policies, and procedures.

Horizontal Rule Line


Horizontal Rule Line

Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds ( June 25, 2019)

Travel is part of disbursements

Disbursements is responsible for serving the State of Texas and Texas A&M AgriLife by processing payments to vendors and reimbursements to employees in a prompt and efficient manner. Payments should be processed in accordance with Federal and the State of Texas applicable statutes and regulations, the State Comptroller’s rules, Texas A&M University System policies, and Texas A&M AgriLife guidelines. We are responsible for providing prompt customer service and on-going education of policies and procedures to our customers.



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