Fiscal: Travel

Travel is responsible for processing travel reimbursements to agency employees and payments to vendors for travel-related expenses. Payments must be processed in a manner that is consistent with all laws, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of the State of Texas and Texas A&M AgriLife. We provide customer service to employees, department/unit business office staff and others that call to inquire on travel-related issues, policies, and procedures.

Horizontal Rule Line

Horizontal Rule Line

Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds

Travel is part of disbursements

Disbursements is responsible for serving the State of Texas and Texas A&M AgriLife by processing payments to vendors and reimbursements to employees in a prompt and efficient manner. Payments should be processed in accordance with Federal and the State of Texas applicable statutes and regulations, the State Comptroller’s rules, Texas A&M University System policies, and Texas A&M AgriLife guidelines. We are responsible for providing prompt customer service and on-going education of policies and procedures to our customers.

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