Fiscal: Vendor Setup

Departments must request that vendors and employees be setup in FAMIS in order to process payments and reimbursements. It is suggested to setup vendors in FAMIS prior to placing and ordering with the vendor and creating a purchase order. A substitute W-9 is required to establish a vendor in FAMIS that is not an employee.

An employee vendor information sheet can be used to setup an employee in FAMIS.

Vendors are not automatically setup in parts 06, 07, and 20. If the vendor is needed in both parts, please indicate so on the request.

How to Submit a Vendor Request: Vendor requests may be submitted to AgriLife Disbursements via Laswerfiche or faxed to 979-458-3242.

Submit in Laserfiche via the following folders using the Vendor W-9 Vendor Info template:

  • TAMUS-AgriLife\Work in Progress – Disbursements-TAES\Vendor Request
  • TAMUS-AgriLife\Work in Progress – Disbursements-TCE\Vendor Request
  • TAMUS-AgriLife\Work in Progress – Disbursements-VMDL\Vendor Request




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