Fiscal: Vendor Setup

Vendor Setup

Vendor set up in handled centrally for all Texas A&M University System parts by TAMU-FMO.  Vendors should be setup prior to placing an order with the vendor.  The vendor is required to process a payment and/or issue a purchase order in AggieBuy.

This website will provide details on the various types of vendors and the forms that are required:

Vendor Setup | Financial Management Operations (

The most common vendor set up form is the substitute W9 form.  We encourage vendors to sign up for ACH/direct deposit.  This information can be provided on the substitute W9 form. This includes any changes to banking information.

Once the appropriate vendor set up form is received (ex: substitute W9, W8-BEN, W8-BEN-E), the form should be submitted using this secure upload link:

Questions regarding vendor set up can be sent to:

  • This e-mail should NOT be used to submit confidential information (social security numbers, tax id numbers, banking information, etc.). This e-mail is for general questions only.



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