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AboutTravel is responsible for processing travel reimbursements to agency employees and payments to vendors for travel-related expenses. Payments must be processed in a manner that is consistent with all laws, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of the State of Texas and Texas A&M AgriLife. We provide customer service to employees, department/unit business office staff, and others that call to inquire on travel-related issues, policies, and procedures.

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Launch date: April 4, 2012

Note: Agency Cards are not to be used for Research Foundation Projects.

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  • Refer to the Travel section of the Guidelines for the Disbursement of Funds on issues concerning:
    • III.E.1. Airfare
    • III.E.2. Car Rental – Contracted Rental Car Companies
    • III.J.2.  Combining State and Personal Business
    • III.H.    Foreign Travel
    • III.F.7.  Hotel/Lodging – Contract Hotels
    • III.F.9.  Hotel Tax
    • III.K.     Incidental Travel Expenses
    • III.F.1.  Meals and Lodging
    • III.E.5   Mileage
    • III.F.4.  Non-Overnight Meal Expenses
    • III.F.6.  Overnight Travel to U.S. possessions, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Mexico
    • III.J.1.   Prospective Employee Expenses
    • III.E.4.  Railroad, Bus, or Motor Vehicle
    • III.J.3.  Registration and Membership
    • III.D.1. State Travel Management Program
    • III.B.     Travel Requests

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The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts recently implemented the Rental Car vs. Mileage Reimbursement Calculator that helps employees make informed and fiscally sound decisions regarding vehicle travel when conducting state business. This resource is available in the right feature column of Textravel (FPP G.005). The electronic tool considers a combination of factors and performs a cost comparison between renting a vehicle and receiving reimbursement for using a personal vehicle in business travel. To conserve state funds, travelers should consider all relevant circumstances and use this new resource to determine the best transportation option.

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Questions concerning the corporate card program should be directed to Travel Contacts.


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AgriLife Disbursements communicates to its customers via AgriLife eNews. AgriLife eNews is used to send information regarding Texas A&M AgriLife Disbursements (Accounts Payable, Payment Card and/or Travel) related issues. This includes updates, reminders, policy and procedure changes.

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