Texas A&M AgriLife Contract Office: FAQs

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Independent Contractor Agreements 


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What is an AG-106?

  • Determination of Independent Contractor Status/Contractual Agreement
  • It is for individual only (not for business)
  • Contract amount is less than $5,000 for the year
  • Individual is not currently employed by the University


How do I know if the AG-106 has been approved?

  • Once the AG-106 has been reviewed and the appropriate signatures obtained, it is scanned into the departmental folder in Laserfiche. under each departmental folder, there is a subfolder titled “AG-106.”


What are the reasons an AG-106 form would not be approved?

  • The individual performing the work is currently employed by the Agency.
  • The individual does not have a Social Security Number.
  • If we control the order or sequence of the work.
  • The amount is over $5,000 for the year.



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