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The Texas A&M AgriLife supports the efforts of employees on the journey toward wellness and success in their personal and professional pursuits. The AgriLife Employee Wellness Initiative is intended to provide our employees with resources to assist with efforts to increase their health and well-being.





*NEW*       Catapult is back!!  The free onsite health screening is currently scheduled for March, May and June.  Click here for event dates.


*NEW*        Walk Across Texas starts February 18th!  See more information here.


*NEW*      A Walking Circuit class has now been added to our fitness schedule for Fridays at 12:15.    This is a 45 minute class that is open to ALL fitness levels.  The class will be dynamically user based on a come and go basis.  It can be as challenging as the individual desires based on their own fitness level.  The class will consist of exercises using body weight, light resistance and stabilization equipment.  Participants will meet in the back of the PEAP building on Penberthy Rd. under the covered area.

  See other information below about our fitness program in College Station.

Walk Across Texas

February 18 – April 15

Registration Deadline: February 25

Walk Across Texas is a FREE, 8 week program to help Texans establish the habit of regular physical activity.


Walk together or individually and keep track of your miles to see if you can walk the 830 miles “across Texas” in 8 weeks.


Steps to Get Started:

  1. Decide to take “steps” to increase activity levels by participating in Walk Across Texas (WAT)
  2. Form your WAT team – total of eight members including yourself (made up of coworkers, friends or family members)
  3. Choose a team captain – someone who can help motivate your team
  4. Complete the individual registration form and give it to your team captain
  5. Team Captain registers team online by February 25 by completing the following steps:

    Use the “Register Now” link at

    • Step 1 and 2– Enter your information – please use your legal name so that we can identify AgriLife employee participation (name,  team captain county, and email) and confirm your email address
    • Step 3– Select Team Captain in response to how you will be participating and choose the start date of February 25, 2016 on the calendar.  *Individuals who participate on their own will select “by Myself”
    • Step 4– Select “Yes” when asked if you are a TAMU System Employee participating in the Employee Wellness Program
    • Step 5– Select the AgriLife entity Wellness Program you are part of (Extension, Research, College of Ag & Life Sciences, Forest Service, or TVMDL) as the group
    • Step 6 – Enter team name and finish registration.  

2017 Fitness Program 



 As part of our 2017 AgriLife Employee Wellness Initiative, Texas A&M AgriLife will continue to offer fitness classes at the AgriLife Services building. These classes are free to all benefits-eligible employees.


            Fitness classes will be offered in the AgriLife Services  building on the 1st floor (former café area). 

               Circuit / Cardio ……….  Yoga ………. Circuit Training ……….  Pilates ……. Walking Circuit (PEAP bldg)     

                                 See Current Class Schedule

New class participants will need to sign the Waiver and Release form and bring to your first class.

**Remember to wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes and bring a towel and water.  For the Yoga and Pilates classes, you will need to bring a yoga mat.

Parking in Lot 100 is available with any valid TAMU parking permit.

Note:  If you work in an area outside of the College Station campus, we need your help to expand this program.  If you know of any physical locations that can provide an area for workout classes during the week, please contact 


UPCOMING CATAPULT EVENTS: (save the date and watch for the email in the near future) 

March 28, 2017    Texas A&M Forest Service headquarters /200 Technology Way / College Station, TX

April 18, 2017       Texas A&M Forest Service /2127 S. First Street / Lufkin, TX

May 9, 2017          Texas A&M AgriLife Admin Building / 578 John Kimbrough / College Station, TX

June 15, 2017        Texas A&M AgriLife Admin Building / 578 John Kimbrough / College Station, TX  


Check on your Wellness Credit/My Evive         

                                                            Instructions on how to check on your credit using the My Evive portal.                                               

Wellness Exam Tips (tip sheet to print out)

                                            Your wellness exam deadline is every June 30th!

                                                            Go ahead and schedule your appointment in case                                                                                                                                                                                             there’s a wait for an opening.   


Wellness Resources 



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