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In connection with my application for employment, I hereby consent and authorize either Agency or its agent, at any time during my application process and/or employment, to obtain an investigative consumer report that my include, but not limited to:

  • a criminal record check,
  • employment and education verifications,
  • verifications of personal references and reputation; and
  • driving record.

I do hereby consent and authorize either Agency or its agent to use any information provided on the Background Check Request Form or during the application process in obtaining the investigative consumer report. I have been informed that I have the right to review and challenge any negative Information that would adversely impact me or adversely affect a decision to offer employment. I agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless either Agency or any consumer reporting agency used by either Agency with regard to any information reported by the consumer reporting agency. I understand that I am to be provided the name, address and telephone number of the consumer reporting agency and the nature and scope of the investigative report will be disclosed to me. I acknowledge that facsimile, copy or email of the Background Check Request Form shall have the same validity, force and effect as the original.

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Statement of Selective Service Registration Status If you are a male between the age of 18 and 25, federal law requires that you must be registered with the U.S. Selective Service System, unless you meet certain exemptions under Selective Service law. Under HB 558, enacted by the 76th Texas State Legislature, if you are currently of the age and gender requiring registration with Selective Service, but knowingly and willfully fail to do so, you are ineligible for employment with an agency in any branch of Texas state government. Any offer of employment is contingent on your compliance with Selective Service law. Certification of Registration Status Almost all male U.S. citizens, and male aliens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25 years of age, are required to register with Selective Service. Non-citizens not required to register include men who are in the U.S. on student or visitor visas. If you are not registered as required, you are presently not eligible to be hired and should register promptly at a United States Post Office. A Certificate of Mailing may be obtained from the Post Office at such time that you mail your registration and may be used as proof of your application until you receive your Selective Service Registration Card. Additional Information on Registration for Selective Service Web site

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Verification of Identity and Work Authorization Any offer of employment is contingent upon your completing the Immigration and Naturalization Service Employment Verification (Form I-9) and providing documents to verify your identity and employment eligibility as required by law. When completing the Form I-9, you will be required to attest that you are a citizen or national of the U.S., a lawful Permanent Resident or an alien authorized to work. All new employees will be required to produce documentation. For further information, view the Form I-9 for a list of acceptable documents for verification on identity and work authorization. We will participate in E-verify for those positions which operate under federal contract containing the E-verify clause. We will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with information form each new covered employee’s Form I-9 to confirm work authorization. E-verify will not be used to pre-screen job applicants.

Veteran’s Employment Preferencedown arrow Horizontal Rule Line

If I am a veteran, how do I know if I am eligible for veteran’s preference? You are eligible under Texas Government Code, Section 657.002 for veteran’s preference if you meet all the following qualifications:

  • served in the military for not less than 90 consecutive days during a national emergency declared in accordance with federal law or was discharged from military service for an established service-connected disability;
  • were honorable discharged from the military service; and
  • are competent.

If I am a surviving spouse or orphan of a veteran, how do I know if I am eligible for a veteran’s preference? A veteran’s surviving spouse who has not remarried or an orphan of a veteran qualifies for a veteran’s preference if:

  • the veteran was killed while on active duty;
  • the veteran served in the military for not less than 90 consecutive days during a national emergency declared in accordance with federal law; and
  • the spouse or orphan is competent.

How do I respond if I do not meet these requirements? All other applicants should respond ‘No.’

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And Justice for All

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FAQs: Background Checks

FAQsdown arrow Horizontal Rule Line


  • How do I apply for positions?


  • How soon will I hear something?

    • During the application process, applicants will have an opportunity to answer job-related questions. Applicants will know immediately if they have been referred to the hiring department for evaluation. Hiring departments will contact applicants they wish to interview.


  • How long can I use my application to apply for vacancies?

    • Applications remain on file as long as you are actively applying for positions. Applications can be reviewed and updated at any time.


  • Do I have to resubmit a new application every time I need to make changes or additions?

    • The online application will not allow you to update and change your information. For assistance with this, contact Human Resources (979-845-2423).


  • How can I attach a resume, cover letter, or other documentation such as transcripts to my application?

    • After completing the application, you may attach documents that are in an electronic format such as Microsoft Word or PDF. If you need assistance, contact Human Resources at 979-845-2423 or by email at


  • How can I find out the status of a position I have applied for?

    • By logging in, you will have access to all of the positions you have applied for, and there will be information about the status of each of those positions under “My Applications.”


  • I have been convicted of a crime. Can I apply for a position?

    • You are welcome to apply for any position. However, all positions require a background check and your conviction may restrict you from holding some positions.


  • Where is the Texas A&M AgriLife Human Resources Office?

    • AgriLife Services (AGSV) Building; Physical Address (not to be used for U.S. mail): 578 John Kimbrough Blvd; College Station, TX 77843-2147
      • Mailing Address: AgriLife Human Resources; 2147 TAMU; College Station, TX 77843-2147
      • On-campus Mailing Address: AgriLife Human Resources; MS-2147
      • Telephone Number: 979-845-2423
      • Fax Number: 979-458-1046


  • How will I know when the position has been filled?

    • You can check the status of the position online. An automated email or letter is typically sent when a position is filled.


  • Can I be hired for a position if I don’t have my original Social Security card?

    • If you are using the Social Security card as one of the required documents to prove employment eligibility on the Form I-9, you cannot be added to the payroll until this is completed. Federal law requires that the documents be furnished within three business days of the date of employment. However, it is a payroll requirement that you furnish the Social Security card for employment (in addition to your I-9 documents). You may be put on payroll if you have a Social Security number, but you will have to furnish the Social Security card to the hiring supervisor as soon as possible


  • I am applying for a position that requires a degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD). I  don’t yet have the required degree, but will be able to obtain it in a few weeks/months. Will the applicant system disqualify me if I answer the posting question no, that I don’t yet have my diploma?

    • The job posting should specify if applications will be accepted for those who do not yet have the required degree, but will be able to obtain it in a certain period of time and will have the posting questions worded to allow for this situation. You should answer the posting questions accurately.


  • I applied for a position today online. What is the next step? When will they be scheduling interviews? How long will the position be posted?

    • After you apply for a position online, you will receive a confirmation number. This lets you know the application was successfully completed and the hiring unit now has access to your application. Each unit works at its own pace. Some units will close the position very soon and some positions will remain posted for several weeks or longer depending on the type of position. Once the unit has enough applications to consider and begin the interview process, they usually place the position “on hold.” After a position has been placed on hold, you will not see the title in the available list of postings.

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