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AboutThe Fleet Management Office oversees the vehicle fleet for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Texas A&M AgriLife Research. Provides assistance to units to ensure correct procedures are followed related to fleet management.


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Can AgriLife Extension and AgriLife Research get a different state gas card?

The State of Texas selects the gas card vendor through a procurement process for all state agencies. As state agencies, these cards are issued. Most often, the state terms and conditions of these cards limit non-fuel items from being purchased and have daily dollar limits established. For assistance with card limits and access, please call the Fleet Management Office.


Can the functionality of TxFS be changed?

Fleet Focus is a maintained software system required for all state agencies managed through the State Comptroller’s Office. AgriLife Extension and AgriLife Research work within the boundaries of the state system for reporting.


Are we required to submit Extension vehicle monthly reports using Laserfiche?

Not required at this time. After the Fleet Management Office has completed monthly audit and data entry of transactions, the mileage reports are filed in Laserfiche.


Why does it take so long for Extension vehicle mileage charges to post to our account?

At the end of the month, vehicle custodians have ten days to submit monthly reports to the Fleet Management Office. Monthly reports are then reconciled and entered into the fleet management system. For example, October mileage received in the Fleet Office in November would be entered in December accounting transactions.


How can I get TxFS training?

At this time, contact the Fleet Management Office for coordination of training.



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  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
    • 21.01.08.X0.01 Vehicle Titles, License Plates, Registration, and Conversions
    • 21.01.08.X0.02 Vehicle Inscriptions
    • 21.01.08.X0.03 Vehicle Use Reports: Automobiles/Trucks
    • 21.01.08.X0.04 Vehicle Compulsory Inspection
    • 24.01.01.X0.02 Motor Vehicle Accident Reports
    • 24.01.01.X0.03 Driver Requirements for the Use of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Vehicles
    • 34.05.99.X1 Smoking in Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Facilities and Vehicles



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