Texas A&M AgriLife Human Subjects Research: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can I call for help with Human Subjects protocol concerns?

Answer:  For assistance with Human Subjects protocol concerns or questions, contact Donna Pulkrabek (donna.pulkrabek@ag.tamu.edu; (979-314-3644) or send an email to ethics-compliance@ag.tamu.edu .

2. Where can I submit a Human Subjects protocol?

Answer:  To submit a Human Subjects protocol, proceed to the TAMU Research Compliance and Biosafety website at https://vpr.tamu.edu/research-compliance-and-biosafety/ and click on the “iRIS Portal” link.

Please Note:  The Human Subjects protocol submission system is migrating from the iRIS platform to the Huron platform in the Summer of 2023.  Please consult the following website for updates on submission deadline dates and details on the conversion: https://vpr.tamu.edu/human-research-protection-program/huron/ .

3. Where can I go for more information on required Human Subjects research training?

Answer: For more information on training required for human subjects research, proceed to the TAMU Human Research Protection Program website at https://vpr.tamu.edu/human-research-protection-program/ .

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