AboutA selection of employee development opportunities, offered through a varied delivery process is available to you. Check out the resources listed below or give us a call if we can assist you in any way toward your own development and training.


Essential Administrative How-To’s for Faculty

Fall 2022 Workshop Series


LinkedIn Learning

Have you activated your LinkedIn Learning account?  If not, click here to get started.  Follow the directions on the webpage to sign up and access more than 16,000 digital courses and videos covering a wide range of technical, business, software and creative topics.

Here are two great courses to check out once you have activated your account:


Guidance Resources 


Phone 1-866-301-9623 (Active Employees)


AgriLife HR’s EAP webpage at

First time users may wish to take the short site tour available on the home page.

Check out the resources for Wellness, Work & Education, Financial and Discounts & Offers or, view one of these resource packages 


Learning Development

Recordings or Handouts Links

  • Aggie Buy and HUB  see document
  • Civility in the Workplace Recording
  • Addressing Employee Performance Issues in a Supportive Way Recording
  • Budget Process, FAMIS, Workday & FAMIS see document
  • Giving Effective Feedback in Personal or Work Situations Recording
  • Workday – Hiring Process see document
  • Being Adaptive in Order to Thrive in Our Everchanging World Recording
  • Health & Wellness: An Overview of MyEvive see document

Supervisor/Manager Resources


Horizontal Rule Line

Faculty and Staff

Horizontal Rule Line Training prepares employees to do their present job/responsibilities while, development prepares them for future jobs/responsibilities. It is widely accepted that new employees must be trained in the duties they are expected to perform. When it comes to learning new skills, even experienced employees may need training to improve their performance. Employee development, however, is future-oriented and, therefore, mostly an education vs. training process.

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