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Workday Help link is available through Single Sign On

AgriLife and Workday – Business Processes

AgriLife and Workday – Helpful Tips

AgriLife and Workday – Candidate Review Process

AgriLife and Workday – Performance Review for Manager and Employee

AgriLife and Workday – Performance Evaluation Monitoring for Talent Analyst and Manager

AgriLife and Workday – Forms Eliminated


Business Processes Initiated by Manager or HR Contact

Business Process Tips


Workday Business Processes – HR Contact Initiation

Workday Business Processes – Manager Initiation

Workday Business Process Excel Exports

Conditional Routing Rules for A, X, and V

TAMUS to Workday Terminology

Security Role Definitions

Workday Manager Structure  

Onboarding Steps for New Employees

Instructions for Employees



TrainTraq Courses for All Employees:

2113188GA010 – TAMUS Workday Core Concepts

2113189GA020 – Navigating Workday

Business Administrators’ Training

Manager TrainTraq Course List

Faculty Information

Learn Workday

TAMUS Workday Training Course Catalog and Video Help Release Schedule

For more information on Workday, go to

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