New Hire Process

Supervisors of new employees should schedule time on the employee’s first day for new employee processing (payroll, benefits, explanation of required training courses), as well as time to discuss important orientation items such as position description, performance expectations, office environment and culture, and employee rights/responsibilities.


A new employee’s formal training and development begin with New Employee Orientation. There is a relationship between orientation and turnover in the first year of employment. Orientation seems to smooth the adjustment phase so new employees aren’t quite as inclined to leave in that first year. Some objectives of orientation are to learn job responsibilities and work procedures, establish relationships with coworkers, and gain a feeling of belonging. A supervisor can provide a positive and lasting first impression with a thorough orientation for the new employee.

To assist supervisors with topics to be covered during that first day, we recommend using the Onboarding website as a resource.


Onboarding Resources
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