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AboutWorkplace diversity is an asset to any organization when appropriately governed and fully utilized. Research has shown that organizations which embrace and manage diversity will demonstrate tremendous strength in their organizations and gain a competitive advantage by improving communication and collaborating productively. This effort advances organizations more quickly, efficiently, and provides for a better work environment when employees have a better understanding of each other. In addition to becoming more creative and innovative, the AgriLife family of agencies (and college) can better serve our constituents from different demographic groups and cultural backgrounds.

Diversity managment1, a comprehensive organization and managerial process of planning for, organizing, directing, and supporting a collective mixture in a way that adds a measurable difference to organizational performance, just like any other organizational strategy is part of a larger more complex formula for determining organizational success. It is not consigned to race, ethnicity, and gender but espouses a broader application and is used as such in this document to better understand the holistic approach.

A Strategic Diversity Plan without the proper components in place weakens and limits the efficacy of the plan; and will take longer to achieve the desired outcome–if at all. The Diversity Management Structure is meant to provide the infrastructure needed to ensure success of the Strategic Diversity Plan and create a systematic process to communicate effectively throughout Texas A&M AgriLife with matters related to diversity and inclusiveness. For complete explanation, please review the links below for a complete understanding of the proposal.


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Diversity Management Structure | Texas A&M AgriLife Diversity Plan Framework
Strategic Plan for Diversity/Diversity Management



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1Hubbard, E. E. (2004). The manager’s pocket guide to diversity management.
Amherst, MA: HRD Press, Inc.



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