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Fair Labor Standards Act

Due to an injunction by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on November 22, 2016, all action related to the previously announced change from exempt (monthly paid) to non-exempt (biweekly paid) for employees making less than $47,476/year is on hold.  For more information, please see “Court Grants Nationwide Injunction Against Obama Administration’s Unlawful Overtime Rule


Texas A&M University System policies and agency procedures


  • TrainTraq Online Course 8002: Time Off Issues for Employees – Overview of leave and comp time policies for A&M System employees.
  • TrainTraq Online Course 2001 : Time Off Issues for Supervisors – In-depth course about leave and comp time policies for supervisors and leave coordinators.
  • TrainTraq  Online Course 2112755: Comp Time Issues for Employees
  • TrainTraq Online Course 2112756: Comp Time Issues for Supervisors
  • Classroom Course 211169 – Fair Labor Standards Act – FLSA Timekeeping.   This workshop is designed to instruct departmental personnel on timekeeping procedures. Participants will be provided with information about FLSA and any state legislation that affects timekeeping procedures.
  • Department of Labor FLSA FAQs 
  • Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division Fact Sheet #22:  Hours Worked Under the FLSA






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