Fiscal: Fleet Management Vehicle Accident Procedures for Texas A&M AgriLife Research

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PDF: Vehicle Accident Procedures for Texas A&M AgriLife Research (Updated January 2017)
In Case of an Accident | Reporting an Accident


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  1. Stop immediately. Take necessary steps to prevent another accident.
  2. Call a doctor, ambulance, or emergency medical team if necessary.
  3. Notify the proper law enforcement officer (Texas Department of Public Safety or local police) so an official report can document the accident. Make arrangements to obtain a copy of the report.
  4. Provide first aid, within your capability, until medical help arrives.
  5. Get names and addresses of all witnesses.
  6. Give your name, address, place of employment, and name of your supervisor to the investigating officer.
  7. While at the scene of the accident, secure information needed to complete the System Form 9, Motor Vehicle Accident Report, located in the vehicle packet. The investigating officer will assist in providing the necessary information. Do not leave blank spaces.
  8. DO NOT make any statements, oral or written, as to WHO was at fault, since any admission may impair the insurer’s ability to defend a case of questionable legal liability. Fault or liability will be decided by appropriate legal authority. While your signature is required, if a traffic citation is issued to you, your signature does not constitute an admission of guilt.
  9. If the vehicle is inoperable and within the Bryan/College Station area, a unit may call the Texas A&M Transportation Center, phone 979-845-7121 for wrecker service. If outside the local area, have it towed to the nearest dealer of the make of the vehicle involved. In the event more than one AgriLife Research vehicle is involved and both are inoperable, if feasible, they should be towed to the same location.
  10. Remove and secure credit cards, log book, keys, and all property which may be easily stolen. Secure the vehicle by locking. Deposit the keys with the shop manager of the dealership or garage.



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  1. Immediately report the accident to your unit supervisor. Contact the AgriLife Office of Property & Fleet Management at 979-845-4791 or 979-845-7083 for assistance as needed. In making your report:
    • Report on the extent of personal injuries to agency personnel and/or others.
    • Provide information on the location of injured (name, address, and phone number of hospital).
    • Give the extent of damage to vehicle(s).
    • If the AgriLife Research vehicle(s) is(are) inoperable, state location of vehicle(s) and property.
    • Communicate your intentions to continue or return to headquarters.
  2. Complete and submit ALL required written reports directly to Mr. Jared Kotch or Ms. Melissa Underwood in the AgriLife Office of Property and Fleet Management, by email to or, or by fax to 979-845-6613, within 24 hours of the accident. The reports will be reviewed and forwarded to the System Office of Risk Management.
  3. These forms can be found in all vehicle packets or with the links listed below. Normally, the only report required for automobile accidents wherein no AgriLife Research employees are injured is the TAMUS Motor Vehicle Accident Report (System Form 9)
  4. Report ALL accidents to the police. If, for some reason, the accident was not investigated by police or DPS and the estimated damage is over $1,000, the Texas Department of Transportation Driver’s Crash Report Form (CR-2) should also be submitted.
  5. When an AgriLife Research employee  is injured, the Worker’s Compensation Insurance Form (DWC FORM-1) must be submitted.
  6. For additional information, refer to Agency Procedure 24.01.02.A0.01

Remember: All forms, documentation, and reports should be submitted within 24 hours of accident.

Please drive safely!



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