Extension Fee Based Program Resources for County Extension Agents

AboutExtension Fee Based Program resources for various event scenarios involving Texas AgriLife Extension Service County Extension Agents are provided below.

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Events: Through Local Committees | Events: Through District Workshop Account
Events: Through Conference Services

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Overview: Because participants are remitting fees to the local committee, the committee issues their own generic receipts and Extension receipts are not used. The committee will remit fees to the agent, who in turn will issue one Extension receipt to the committee. The agent then completes form AG-231 (Event Report and Deposit Form), and submits funds, the forms, and the pink copy of the Extension receipt to the Banking and Receivables Office. Learn More…

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Overview: Because funds are deposited directly to an Extension Workshop account, Extension receipts are issued to each participant. Agents send funds, Extension receipts, and AG-207 to  the Banking and Receivables Office. The Agent then sends AG-230 to their Extension District Office. Learn More…

Events: Through Conference Servicesdown arrow
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Overview: Fee based programs can be handled by Conference Services.

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    • Extension Conference Services
      • Phone: 979-845-2604
      • Mailing Address:
        Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Conference Services
        2139 TAMU
        College Station, TX 77843-2139

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