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What's the process?

For hotel and/or facility contracts, please email all associated documents to the AgriLife Contract Office for approval at contracts@ag.tamu.edu.

To expedite the process: Before forwarding associated documents to the AgriLife Contract Office, please send the AgriLife standard Facility Use Addendum form (Form AG-126E, AG-126R or AG-126T) to the hotel/facility and ask them to sign the Addendum. Once you receive the signed Addendum back from the hotel/facility, forward the Addendum along with the contract documents to the AgriLife Contract Office (contracts@ag.tamu.edu) for processing.


Note: Please be sure to use the correct form for your department. E=Extension, R=Research or T=TVMDL.

If a hotel/facility asks why the Facility Use Addendum is necessary or required, the appropriate response is as follows:

“As an agency of the State of Texas, AgriLife’s ability to contract is regulated and limited by statute. The Facility Use Addendum helps to ensure that we comply with the requirements and provisions of Texas Law and to expedite the review and approval process for hotels and facilities. If you have specific questions or concerns about the Addendum, we are happy to put you in contact with our Contract Office to discuss.”

If a hotel/facility states that they were not asked to sign the Facility Use Addendum in the past when renting to AgriLife, the appropriate response is as follows:

“The AgriLife Contract Office and staff has changed over the last couple of years, and our practices have been updated to reflect revised policies. One of these revised policies is the implementation of the Facility Use Addendum.”

If a hotel/facility requests changes to the Facility Use Addendum or has any questions, please contact the AgriLife Contract Office at contracts@ag.tamu.edu to handle the matter.

For questions, please contact Paula Mathers at 979-847-5821 or email contracts@ag.tamu.edu.



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Related Forms


Because AG-106 forms contain social security numbers of independent contractors (or other personal information), a secure submission process has been implemented for AG-106 forms to better protect the contractor’s personal information. The submission process consists of “dragging and dropping” your completed AG-106 form into a special secure folder in Laserfiche.

Please follow these steps to submit your AG-106 form(s) to our office for processing:

  • Complete both sections of the AG-106 form and obtain all required signatures.
  • Scan the completed AG-106 form along with any supporting documents (if applicable) and create an image file (PDF or TIF file).
  • “Drag and Drop” the image file into the following Laserfiche folder/subfolder: “Work in Progress – Contracts”/“AG-106 Submission.”

Note: For security reasons, you will not be able to see the contents of the folders. You will only be able to deposit your document.

For questions, Paula Mathers at 979-847-5821 or email contracts@ag.tamu.edu



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A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an unfunded agreement, and should be used when two parties want to set expectations of achieving a common goal. The purpose of this type of contract is to formalize a collaboration between AgriLife employees, and other universities, companies, or individuals who are working together. This type of agreement is not appropriate when issues of compensation (legal or monetary), intellectual property, non-disclosure, technology transfer, etc. may potentially be needed.


Related Forms


Please forward all MOUs to AgriLife Contracts (contracts@ag.tamu.edu) for processing. If an MOU has not been provided to you for signature and you need a new MOU, please contact Paula Mathers for assistance.



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What's the process?
A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is needed when any Texas A&M AgriLife employee will be having confidential discussion with an external entity. To request an NDA, submit a completed AG-113, Request for Non-Disclosure Agreement, to the AgriLife Contract Office. Upon receipt of AG-113, the AgriLife Contract Office will work with the external entity to create an approved mutual agreement of non-disclosure. If an NDA is included within an original awarded project agreement, the NDA will be processed by the Office of Sponsored Research Services.

Related forms:

Please forward all NDAs to AgriLife Contracts (contracts@ag.tamu.edu) for processing.

For questions, please contact Paula Mathers at 979-847-5821 or email contracts@ag.tamu.edu


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