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GLACIER Password Request and Document Submission Procedures
GLACIER is a nonresident alen tax ompliance system designed to allow institutions to efficiently and effectively collect information, make tax residency and treaty determinations, manage paperwork, maintain data, and file reports with the IRS. Texas A&M AgriLife uses GLACIER to ensure tax compliance on payments made to our foreign national employees/

Requesting a GLACIER Password
Hiring department (or employee) should email and include the following information:

  • Employee’s First, Middle, and Last Name
  • Employee’s Email Address
  • Employee’s Pay Period (Monthly or Biweekly)
  • Employee’s UIN Number

Completing GLACIER Record
Employee receives email notification of password and the login instructions for GLACIER. Employee enters personal data and answers questions regarding important immigration information.

  • Note to employee while completing GLACIER records:
    • Under “Income Type” section, employee should pick “Compensation/Wages” as payment type
    • For “Sponsoring Institution,” please use “Texas A&M AgriLife”

Documents Required to Submit
GLACIER completes and prints the following:

  • Tax Summary Report
  • W-4 Form
    • Note for completing W-4:
      • If the employee is a Nonresident Alien for Tax Purposes, employee is generally required to have Form W-4 as “Single” (regardless of the actual marital status) and “One” Personal Withholding Allowance (regardless of the actual number of dependents unless employee is a resident of Canada, Mexico, South Korea, or a student from India).
      • If the employee is a Resident Alien for Tax Purposes based on the personal data entered in the GLACIER, GLACIER will provide a blank Form W-4, employee could complete W-4 as a U.S. citizen.
      • Employee needs to sign W-4 Form; a W-4 without signature will be considered as the “Single and Zero” withholding status and ends up with the highest amount of taxes being withheld.
  • 8223 Form (if employee is eligible for tax treaty) – Employee should use valid social security number on the form (no temporary ID or UIN will be accepted) and sign Part III “Certification” on the second page of the form.
  • Attachments to 8233 Form
  • Employee also needs to submit required copies of documents listed on the Tax Summary Report

Submitting Documents to:

  • Hiring Department or
  • AgriLife Payroll Service (MS 2162; Fax: 979-845-9329)

Please contact Payroll Services at 979-845-4296 or email for questions or assistance.


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