What is the role of the Texas A&M AgriLife Contract Office?

AboutThe Texas A&M AgriLife Contract Office promotes both transparent and efficient customer-oriented support services for AgriLife faculty, staff, and administration ensuring seamless processing of contracts and other agreements. The principal role of the AgriLife Contract Office is to provide high priority customer services to all of Texas A&M AgriLife protecting the interests of the agencies. We are committed to the delivery of high quality programs, services, and research initiatives that strive to support the mission of Texas A&M AgriLife. Our services include:

  • Collage of photos: scientist with a chick in his hand; scientist monitoring a machineContracts Decision Chart
    • Hotel and Facility Contracts
    • Independent Contractor Status
    • Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs)
    • Leases of Agency Facilities

For services pertaining to sponsored projects, please contact Sponsored Research Services (SRS) at 979-862-6777.


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